Content marketing in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector has a peculiarity with respect to another type of business, since on the one hand it must maintain bidirectional relations with patients and on the other with doctors, hospitals, medical centers and any other establishment that offers health services, as with others Potential partners. With the latter we refer to those interested in the care of patients.

What then could be defined as a cornerstone in this complex entresijo? The trust, intimacy and close collaboration between all of them, all involved in a good marketing strategy that allows to establish a stable base that assures a long-term collaboration. This is a determining factor in a sector in which laboratories compete fiercely to be able to place their products and obtain the exclusivity of the specialists in the health.

Below we will mention some actions that, carried out correctly, will undoubtedly promote the effectiveness of a correct marketing strategy, in relation to both Inbound marketing and the more traditional Outbound, which also has a special weight within this sector:

Responsive design
Responsible or adaptive design is one of the keys to any e-commerce that wants to thrive: 9 out of 10 users use their smartphone at some point in the purchasing process, according to IAB Spain’s 8th Annual Mobile Marketing Survey, and the number Of those who use this device to make the whole purchase grows up to 41%.

This data is proof that users are not willing to waste time zooming or having to search for tabs or search bars in places outside the first view. This fact can make the difference between you and the competition. A responsive design will offer purchase facilities and grant you the status of “friendly web”.

Value content
If there is a sector where content plays a key role is where we are concerned: the issues are of common interest and generate an overwhelming number of searches, because at some point we have all turned to Google to find what kind of disease could lead Certain symptoms or what side effects cause any medication.

Pharmaceutical companies can choose from two different types of authors: either health professionals or specialized agencies that have their own team of medical writers. In addition, texts related to health issues are usually valid for a long time, so we ensure a good amount of material that can be rewritten and adapted, but similar on a content basis.

Social networks
At this point, we must mention the prohibition on the part of pharmaceutical companies to carry out publicity actions of prescription medicines to patients, although this does not exist if the target public turns out to be healthcare professionals.

What then is permitted? The answer is clear: you can report on drugs and their properties, as well as corporate data. This includes human resource issues such as responding to users’ questions about their symptoms or ailments.

In social networks like LinkedIn you can access specialists in the sector as well as potential customers of your products and services, forming part of specialized groups.

Monitoring, in addition to increasing engagement and promoting branding, is key. Thanks to it you can access information as valuable as the biggest concerns and concerns of your customers, essential to focus your strategy.

Email marketing
This channel will allow us to communicate with customers in a fast and efficient, as well as frequent. In addition, we can analyze the interest that has aroused our email.

On the other hand, we will be easier to segment our target audience, which translates into a higher conversion level as we are talking about a more targeted and targeted sale.

All this is wrapped in a halo of personalization, which will make the client feel the communication as something more intimate and more confident, and by the way, can pass the email to their own contacts easily if you see that the content can be useful .

It is important that prior to the communication you collect information about your buyer person to create a later workflow in which you decide at what time of the purchase you are going to send determined information to him. In addition, it is important that you start talking generically, offering alternatives and therapies to your ailment, all the way to your product.

In addition to e-mail marketing we could include here the newsletter as a valuable tool to inform your health customers and maintain lasting relationships with them.


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