The Importance of Landing Page in Adwords

The landing page of our Adwords ad is a crucial aspect of the success of our campaigns and the achievement of conversions. We give you some tips to keep in mind in your design.

The Adwords system is designed to generate conversions and the last step can be on the landing page , the landing page .

By operating separately, landing pages allow us to be very focused on finding unique goals that allow for much more effective conversions, leads , analysis and testing.

We must design the landing page to convert visitors into leads or sales . In addition, they complement our ads and are an essential part of the advertising system.

What you are selling is not the advertisement, it is the site
First impressions say that’s what counts. It’s no use having created our ads and thought what was the best way to get the attention of the visitor and pay the click to send it to our website if, upon arriving at the site, we are not able to get an action on your part.

That is why we say that what sells is not the advertisement but the site and here we must focus on converting. If we want to reduce our CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), the landing page deserves our attention by seeking a single objective and a single call to action that, combined with all the elements, make it a true conversion machine.

If we forget this part, as advertisers, we may be failing to make money because we are going to lose conversions.

A good landing page is as important as the ad, the keywords or our bid strategy


Conversion rates on the landing page

There can be many types of conversions on a landing :

  • Direct purchase : usually the usual in an e-commerce
  • Call : For example, if we offer a service or have a fast food business, such as a pizzeria.
  • Registration : in a portal or fill out a form about any service we offer
  • Download an application: the digital world is perfect because we can get them out of the channel



The loading speed of the page is also very important, we must not forget that each time the patience of people is reduced. Google takes this into account as well, both for organic positioning and for ads.

Mobile first

Neither should we lose sight of the fact that the display on mobile devices is good, unless we are just looking for desktop clients.

Landing page and quality level

There are a number of relevant factors for Adwords to better understand our page, in the same line as when we want to do SEO on page .

  • Page Title
  • Landing page URL
  • How are tags H1, H2, etc. structured? Of our page
  • The content of text that contains our page
  • If we have images, which have the embedded ALT attribute

On the landing page we must be able to close the sale. As we have already underlined, a further click to another screen to achieve the conversion can have a great influence. So, better incorporate a form directly into it, for example, if our goal is to get leads .

In short, the landing page is not only important so that our level of quality is better, also because it is the moment of truth in which the user will be able to interact with us. Therefore, we must dedicate the same time or more than to create the ad, with its corresponding keyword search.

If the landing page helps us achieve more profits, we may have more budget, in the end, to invest in our keywords and we end up generating more traffic.

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