The Keys to Content Pharmaceutical Marketing

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most powerful both in terms of turnover and investment in marketing techniques. However, it is enough to have a look at the last campaigns carried out by the main laboratories and their online presence, to verify that the majority continue betting by actions of the most traditional. It is a sector in which innovation is key, but they do not apply the same policy in their marketing actions.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that due to the purpose of the products it produces, it has a very restrictive law as far as marketing and advertising is concerned. In addition, to this we must add the policies of Google when advertising drugs.

So what can we do to attract leads that become customers of our products? A good way to achieve this is through content marketing and therefore, in this post we give you the keys to content marketing pharmacist.

First, what benefits can content marketing bring to the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Improve the positioning: one of the main factors for your page to reach the top positions of Google is to have quality content. Also, generate new URLs indexable by google you can work long tail keywords that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Generate engagement with your target audience: just do a Google search of some aspect related to the pharmaceutical sector to find us with an endless results from the most diverse sources. This volume of results can cause mistrust with users and bewilderment, so, offering valuable information can make your company a benchmark in the sector.
  • Give content to your social networks: if we analyze most profiles of pharmaceutical companies in social networks, they barely serve to communicate news of the company itself, which will hardly cause anyone to show much interest, except in very specific moments. On the contrary, if we have quality content, we will be able to provide our networks with a different content, which will make it easier for us to reach interested users, thus increasing interaction.
  • It favors the “Word of Mouth”: one of the objectives will be that our brand is in everyone’s mouth, right? Thanks to the quality content we get our users to share it and talk about us, reaching an almost unlimited audience.
  • We help the user to find out: when a potential customer is looking for a product or service, it is normal that before looking for information about the problem or need that will lead to acquire the product. In the pharmaceutical sector can be an arduous task, since in addition to finding much information from different sources, in many cases this is contradictory. So if we help the user to know more about your problem and we present possible solutions through content, do you guess who will end up buying?
    We could continue to list benefits of content strategies, but we want to leave some room to tell you how to get the most out of your content marketing applied to the pharmaceutical sector, let’s go!
  1. Define your ideal client: it is the first step of any marketing strategy since everything you do has to be aimed at them. Flee from simple demographic descriptions, age ranges or economic profile and go beyond giving answers to questions such as: what motivates your potential customers to buy a particular product? What will you value more, the price, the quality, the brand image …? What makes your products different from the competitors? Where will your potential customer find information? What networks do you use? How do you look in gogle? … if you want to know more to define your ideal client, do not miss this article on the definition of buyer person.
  2. Create content based on your ideal client: forget about writing business messages and focus on what information is going to be valuable to him. It is about informing and helping the user in their buying process, not telling them how good you are. Is your ideal client a company or is it the end user? If it is a company, who will make the final purchase decision? What will interest you, information on treatments, drug comparisons, how to produce those drugs, etc?
  3. Analyze your competition: once you have defined your potential customer you will need to have more or less clear what type of searches your potential client will perform and what media and networks you use so it is time to know what competition you will find on Google for those searches, what They do in social networks, etc.
  4. It establishes an editorial planning: we will not tire of repeating the importance of planning in the management of the content, but because we do not stop seeing cases of companies that decide in the day to day what they are going to write according to the desires of the drafting.
  5. Study the best time to publish: depending on your target audience you will have to determine what time of the day is more conducive for you to polish it. That you will know measuring and analyzing the results, since you can know which days you have more visits, more page views, etc.
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