Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Online Strategy

Having your blog with content, created ad hoc thinking about your customers, is a sales tool, working 24 hours a day.

Living in the information age makes the content become the king of strategies on the Internet.Presently, one of the mantras of digital marketing is that quality content leads to build trust in our readers . We all have a story to tell and users have more and more options to choose what they want to consume.

Striving to create the best content in our niche can lead us to be someone influential who will automatically generate sales.

Content marketing, a strategy with many names and years of existence

Content marketing often adopts other names such as branded content, branded storytelling , corporate publishing … but, regardless of their nomenclature, many brands have for years used the content marketing strategy to increase their visibility and sales.

To put a quick example, who does not know the famous Michelin Guide , which the good André Michelin gave when you bought his tires, starting their publications in 1900.

Already in the 21st century communication barriers have fallen with the arrival of smartphones … People wake up and go to bed with them … And the content is again more necessary than ever.

At the beginning of the Internet, we could fight because they read our email or that our banner will attract attention as to click. But the current reality is that our trays are invaded with a multitude of offers, banners are hidden behind extensions like ublock origin and absurdly some webmasters veto the entrance to your site if they detect these type of locks. They do not understand that we do not want them to interrupt us while we do what we have come to do. We will have to find other ways to monetize our content.

Even if you work thinking about positioning your content in search engines (the so-called SEO slang) or not, creating great content for our potential buyers is a safe bet in the medium and long term.

Whether you are a large or small company, your market segment is broad or focuses on a niche very specific, you will be able to reach your audience. In addition, you will have more advantages to position your business, the quality of the content can generate more subscribers to our newsletter and we will be able to communicate later.

It is a hard strategy , always thinking in the medium term. It will hardly give you dividends in the first post , but the progressive growth of visits will allow more and more people or companies to require your services.

Those who teach always have the trust and respect on the part of the audience, and we all look for leaders or gurus in our industry.

In order to carry out our strategy, we must create an internal culture so that the creation of content within the framework of an editorial calendar is normal . It is an endless process, the best of our routines and a way to learn ourselves from our sector.

One of the reluctance we may have may be the cost of doing the content , but in doing so it seems that we forget the expense of classic outbound strategies and how we will be able to take advantage of our effort in content development in others Pieces, such as an e- book .

The ebook is a piece of greater value , so a user may be more inclined to leave his email , which will already have a way of communicating tomorrow.

We will have greater possibilities for our content to be shared and we will be able to explain in more detail a topic of interest to our buyer person . An excellent formula to generate our authority on the subject.

If you want to finish convincing you study your competition quickly:

  • How many followers have on social networks, Twitter, Facebook.
  • How many words are able to position in the top Google search positions.
  • If you have good considerations online , forums, social networks, etc …

Or discover what great brands like Coca-Cola have in mind:

Coca-Cola project 2020 was born as an internal company exercise and today is used by many organizations as an example of content strategy.

A strategy that arises from the need to be relevant 24 hours, 7 days a week, knowing that people are connected at all times.

Some of the points that this video presents us:

  • Coca-Cola needs to move from creative excellence to excellence in content .
  • You need to create content that makes the world a better place . It also develops value and meaning for people’s lives, as well as directs towards Coca-Cola goals.
  • Stories must lead to conversions and generate sharing.

This does not mean that they will not continue to do actions like until now, price promotions, traditional advertising on television … but it is in the content where the role and the relevance of the brand is found. And, therefore, the company must ensure that all of these immediate communications are part of the brand’s long-term history.

Content can and should go beyond what the product or service encompasses, you just need to look at another great brand, which is an example of content generation, such as Red Bull. Your communication will not directly sell your energy drink, it comes to explain an aspirational story that has its origin when you drink.

There will come a time when you will integrate the content throughout the brand narrativeand you will align the content around the strategy of interaction with consumers.

Of course, we must have a guide that tells us the way , a mission for which our company or blog must exist. If we are clear about our purpose we can look at how it relates to the interests of our buyer person .

Having ambitious objectives also helps us to go further , even if we later work for very specific audiences or themes. Our goal should always be to become opinion leaders on a sub-theme of the brand … or a part of the public.

We are in it and you, what are you waiting for? More than 100 years ago was a good time, the second best is now.

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